Debt collection service

This is inclusive of both consumer and commercial debts, debt restructuring, receivables management and training. There are no hidden charges within the work done thus ensuring maximum effort is out in collection of the debt. This ensures that your account does not fall into a contingency plan like the rest of the firms but it’s dealt with on a case basis to ensure that the maximum amount is collected from.

Private Investigation Skip trace

Due to the growing demand for debt collection services, Lington Assets Limited has ventured into skip tracing and private investigation to ensure that it competes favourably in the ever growing and rapidly expanding industry.

Business Process Outsourcing

Many firms long to ensure that they provide quality services without having to interfere with the other processes and thus this is where we step in to ensure that other office tasks go smoothly.

Receivables management

This allows for one to avoid the hustle of having to pay different bills and debts when they sign up for our debt management plan. We take the stress from you and allow you to go on with your daily activities.

Debt restructuring

Any public, private or singular client facing financial distress or cash flow problems is allowed to renegotiate and restructure its debt with our financial advice to ensure that it gets back on its feet to continue its day-to-day operations.

Skip tracing

This involves locating individuals or organizations that can’t be located easily. The team is skilled in identifying and locating various person and organizations whose contact information is not in use or is no longer valid.

Business process outsourcing

This happens when business want to ensure quality but outsource basic office functions such as back office and front office functions. Some of these include payroll and hr, finance, marketing and advertising. We also handle cheque deposits on behalf of clients.